Date: 17 Oct 2020
Where: Green Mountains (O'Reillys)

Day Walk – Echo Point, Lamington N.P.

Date: Saturday, 17 October, 2020.


For this walk we will head out on the Main Border Track from the entrance at O’Reilly’s Guest House. After approximately 4.5km we will continue ahead bypassing the branch right to the Albert River Circuit. We continue a further 500m and turn right onto a track that bypasses Bithongabel on our way to Echo Point. After we meet the border, we will be in NSW for the final 1.2km passing two lookouts at Cominan on the way. Echo Point marks the southern extent of the track network. West of this is mainly wilderness. Echo Point, overlooking the Tweed Range and Lamington wilderness area, lives up to its name, if you try calling.

Spectacular views to the south and east include the Tweed Valley and Mt Warning. To the south west is Mt Worendo, Mt Wupawn, and Mt Durigan. A feature of these border ranges is the growth of rainforest on the precipitous sides due to the high rainfall, a southerly aspect, and the presence of basaltic soils. The rainforest here has been shaped by the persistent south-east winds.

After the walk, we will hopefully have time for coffee at O’Reilly’s Mountain Café.


This activity will be conducted in keeping with current Covid-19 health department guidelines regarding social distancing and good hygiene practices. Be aware that, if you are over 70 (over 50 for people of indigenous background), and/or have co-morbidities, you are at greater risk of Covid-19.

If you are feeling unwell, please do not attend this activity.

Walk Grading: Blue (Intermediate) Long, mostly flat with gentle grades. Walkers would need to be of average or better fitness and capable of enduring a total distance of approximately 17km. return.

Meet: O’Reilly’s Green Mountains Car Park at 8.00am for 8.15am walk start.

What to Bring: Hat, sunscreen, sturdy footwear, light jacket, rain gear (just in case), torch, whistle, min 2 litres of water, morning tea, lunch, and positive outlook, optional afternoon tea, camera, and binoculars. $5.00 NPAQ Fee (pay on day).

Directions: Travel from home by appropriate major highway to Canungra. Then take the National Park Road to O’Reilly’s. From central Brisbane allow for a 115km journey taking nearly 2 hours (either via Jimboomba or M1 turning off at Beenleigh or Yatala). Make suitable adjustments depending upon your starting location and route.

Nominations: Direct to leader.

Leader: Ron Owen, Ph. 07 3345 3423 or Mobile 0490762414, Email: [email protected]

This activity will be conducted in keeping with current Covid-19 health department guidelines regarding social distancing and good hygiene practices. Leader: Ron Owen.

Activity Report – Echo Point.

Date: Saturday, 17 October, 2020.


This walk in Lamington National park commenced at O’Reilly’s Guest House Car Park. By adopting an early 8.00am arrival time starting off soon after, we would hopefully be back in plenty of time for coffee and treats and we did; all eleven of us – 9 members and 2 visitors. It turned out to be a glorious spring day; pleasantly cool in mostly lush green rainforest with a constant pouring out of bird song. Initially we walked 5 km out along the Border Track which links O’Reilly’s and Binna Burra in the east. After turning right at the junction, it was a further 3.5km to Echo Point passing Cominan Lookout with views into the Tweed Valley on the way. The last 1.2km to Echo Point was actually in NSW with near vertical drops into the Tweed Valley. At Echo Point it was easy to produce echoes by calling loudly which justifies the naming of our lunch spot as well as the Valley of Echoes below.  Wonderful views from this lunch spot included Murwillumbah and the Cougals to the east, Mt Warning south east, and Mt Durigan south. Between Echo Point and Durigan is Mounts Worendo and Wupawn. While we did see ancient Antarctic Beech trees, it was disappointing not to see Beech or King Orchids in bloom at this time of year.