Date: 04 Nov 2018
Capacity: 0 (0 remaining)
Time: 04:30 PM
Type: Daywalk

Border Track 2018

The iconic Border Track links Binna Burra and O’Reilly’s in Lamington National Park. For much of its length, it follows the Queensland – New South Wales border. While the track sticks to the ridges, it passes through a variety of vegetation types including rainforest, drier ‘scrubby’ forest, and an Antarctic Beech Forest. Being spring, many of the flora will be in bloom. The track offers great views both north (Brisbane) and south (Gold Coast, Numinbah Valley, Mt Warning) from various lookouts, weather permitting. The walk will be done in two groups, one starting at Binna Burra while the other begins at O’Reilly’s. Everyone will meet at Canungra (see When & Where to Meet) to swap vehicles and keys. Car keys will be swapped back when the groups meet along the track. To this end, carpooling is essential. Participants are asked to book early. The leader will suggest carpooling arrangements during the week before the walk although it would help if drivers organised arrangements with friends and advised the leader. The final number of participants will depend upon the number pairs of vehicles available where owners are willing to allow another person to drive his/her car from Canungra to the start of the walk. Vehicle owners need to ensure their insurance covers other drivers. [For those who would like a coffee before the walk, the Outpost Cafe is open early. Please arrive early to ensure you are served and ready to meet at the park (50m along the road to O’Reilly’s) at 7.15am]