One thing is certain – now, more than ever, the benefits of childhood contact with nature are clear. Getting children out and interacting with the natural world is good for them and good for our planet. 

Linking Theory with Children’s Experience

For decades, researchers have been examining the many ways in which contact with nature contributes to the health and well-being of people, and particularly children. The role nature plays in fostering an appreciation of the environment is well recognised, but outdoor play and learning also leads to developing the ability to feel and express concern for other species.

This concept is explored further in an article that links the theory of nature play with the reality of children’s experiences. Read the article, including interviews with two children, aged 9 and 6 years of age, to gain a child’s perspective on why national parks are important.

NPAQ Kids in parks nature journal


Introducing the NPAQ Kids in Parks Nature Journal – the perfect companion for Jr Nature Rangers on their nature-filled adventures!

Let your child’s creativity flourish as they capture their experiences through writing and drawing. With ample space for notes, observations, and reflections, this journal becomes a keepsake of treasured memories, fostering a lasting connection with the beauty of national parks. There are also spaces to collect exclusive Kids in Parks activity day stamps. Can your child collect them all?

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NPAQ Colouring Book


To help inspire children to become future protectors of Queensland’s special natural places, we have also created the Kids in National Parks Colouring Book.

An ideal gift – whether for your own kids, nieces, nephews or grandkids – the book allows little ones to have fun colouring while learning about animals and plants that are mostly unique to Queensland and still exist today because their habitat is protected as a national park or other protected area.

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Little Exlorer’s Guide to QLD National Parks


A beautifully written and drawn book by local primary school teacher Chloe Butterfield and her colleague Deborah Bianchetto.

Get outside into nature where adventure awaits. Are you ready? Inside this book, which is ideal for all young wildlife enthusiasts, you’ll explore the best wild places that Queensland has to offer, including deep misty valleys, clear blue mountaintops, shimmering deserts, rainbow reefs and everything in between.

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