What We Do

NPAQ advocates for the protection, expansion, effective management and presentation of national parks.

We offer a growing Kids in National Parks program, a bushwalking and outdoor recreation activity program, and opportunities to participate in community conservation and Citizen Science projects.

We support the development and application of scientific and professional knowledge in advancing national parks and nature conservation.

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Since 1930, NPAQ has brought together people who share an appreciation for national parks and the vital role they play in conserving our unique natural environment.

With your support, we can continue our work towards the expansion and better management of national parks in Queensland.

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Activities and Events

NPAQ aims to offer a range of bushwalking and other activities for our members, as well as guests/members of the public.

Activities may include social events, half day, full day, overnight walks, birdwatching, canoeing, camps, extended excursions, citizen science events and national park projects.

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Kids in National Parks

Whether the idea of taking your children out into nature fills you with excitement or dread, we know that the benefits of children interacting with nature include:

  • Positive mental health outcomes

  • Physical health benefits

  • Enhanced intellectual development

  • A stronger sense of concern and care for the environment.

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