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26th April

Position Statement: Referendum on an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice

The National Parks Association of Queensland (NPAQ) is pleased to formally voice its support for the upcoming Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice Referendum, which is set to take place in late 2023…

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22nd February

Wrestle over future of national parks escalates

ABC Radio recording 

The fight between eco tourism developers and conservationists over national parks is intensifying, with concerns the public will be shut out of more pristine areas…

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8th July

Blue & Green Will Be Seen

NPAQ is painting the town in celebration of our 90th Anniversary 

On July 22nd Brisbane City Hall and King George Square will be lit up in blue and green to celebrate the National Parks Association of Queensland’s (NPAQ) 90th Anniversary. As NPAQ is Queensland’s oldest environmental not-for-profit organisation and one of the oldest in Australia, it occupies a unique place in our history. “National parks are so important for many reasons, but particularly our health. That’s why we are using the colours blue and green for this momentous occasion, to highlight the importance of blue and green spaces for our wellbeing” said NPAQ President, Susanne Cooper

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22nd June

Record breaking budget allocation for protected areas

The Palaszczuk Government committed a record breaking $262 million over 4 years to the growth and management of Queensland national parks yesterday.”This budget allocation for expansion and management of protected areas was the largest ever by any state government in Australia and the biggest in the history of Queensland or any other State.  So, a record-breaking day!” said NPAQ President, Susanne Cooper.”This much needed funding will support the expansion of national parks in Queensland and is a good step towards Queensland achieving the international standard of 17% projected area estates by 2032.”…

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NPAQ Conservation Manager, Simone Maynard (left), Minister Meaghan Scanlon (center), NPAQ President, Susanne Cooper (right) at the QLD 22-23 budget dinner on June 21st 2022

5th April

Tourism industry joins push to expand Queensland’s national parks

A new alliance made up of the Queensland Tourism Industry Council, Ecotourism Australia, Queensland First Nations Tourism Council, Queensland Conservation Council, Pew Charitable Trusts and the National Parks Association Queensland – is calling on funding in this year’s budget to establish new national parks and private protected areas; ensure effective management of existing and new protected areas; and to support exceptional nature-based tourism activities…

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4th March

National Poll for National Parks 

The President of the National Parks Association of Queensland (NPAQ), Susanne Cooper, was not surprised by the results of a recent poll released by the Victorian National Parks Association (VNPA).The polls confirms – again – that Australians value the connection with, and quiet enjoyment of nature. National Parks provide the main opportunity for this.” Said Ms Cooper

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19th November

Queensland parks strategy will take 1,000 years to deliver at current rate

Queensland conservation groups today released a progress report on the growth of the state’s national parks and private reserves. The report reviews the implementation of the Queensland Government’s Protected Areas Strategy 2020-30 over the 12 months since the strategy was released in October 2020.In the strategy, the Palaszczuk Government sets out a vision for a ‘world class’ protected area system, including a promise to double the area of protected land in Queensland from 8.2% to 17%, an increase of 15 million hectares. However, over the past 12 months, the Queensland Government has only protected 15,699 hectares in new national parks and nature refuges…

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3rd November

Protecting Queensland’s natural icons

Statement by leading tourism and conservation organisations

Leading tourism and conservation organisations support the Queensland Government’s vision of a world class protected area system and a vibrant and sustainable nature-based tourism industry, and have come together to call for increased investment to support expansion and effective management of the state’s protected areas…

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16th October

Bee Keeping in QLD National Parks

Bee keeping in national parks is against the Queensland Nature Conservation Act 1992 however, the QLD Government approved the preparation of legislative amendments to allow beekeeping to continue in national parks until 2044. NPAQ President, Susanne Cooper spoke with ABC about this decision…

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18th May

Leaders Explore Common Ground on National Parks and Tourism

Leaders of Queensland’s peak national parks and tourism organisations met in Brisbane last week to lay the foundations for improved understanding and collaboration to preserve, expand and present national parks and other protected areas across the state with better resourcing…

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24th February

Queensland missing out on new national parks due to chronic underfunding

Five Queensland conservation groups have identified 175 properties with very high biodiversity value that could have been bought and protected since 2015, but were not, because the Queensland government has not budgeted for new national park acquisitions to service its 2015 promise to greatly expand parks and other protected areas…

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15th May

Reactions To Sand Mining Report

…“Public submissions to the Committee show how much Queenslanders value North Stradbroke’s Island’s special environment and cultural heritage, and the overwhelming majority call for destructive sand mining to end by 2019 or earlier”, said Michelle Prior, President of the National Parks Association of Queensland…

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