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Since 1930, the National Parks Association of Queensland (NPAQ) has bought together people who share an appreciation for national parks and the vital role they play in conserving our unique natural environment. Become a member of NPAQ and contribute to the ultimate protection of nature – national parks.

Learn about and visit our irreplaceable places in Queensland – our natural heritage of spectacular landscapes, unique plants and animals.

There are many ways you can contribute to our beautiful protected areas. You can give a donation, bequest a percentage of your estate or join as an NPAQ member.


It is only with your continued support that NPAQ can continue our work towards the establishment, effective management and presentation of National Parks in Queensland. Thank you for renewing your membership with NPAQ.

Renew online, phone the office on (07) 3367 0878, or email


Support NPAQ’s work as an advocate for the protection and expansion of national parks in Queensland. All donations contribute to the achievement of NPAQ’s purpose and are tax deductible.

Donate online, phone the office (07) 3367 0878, or email


By leaving a bequest to NPAQ you help us to protect the unique places in Queensland that you love and want to see protected in perpetuity.

Find out more about making a bequest HERE


Volunteers play a significant role in NPAQ. Last year, 115 volunteers offered over 8,000 hours of their time for NPAQ. A considerable proportion of NPAQ’s work relies on the dedication and good will of our members and supporters.

Do you have some time and enthusiasm? Are you interested in sharing your skills and interests, or perhaps gaining some new ones?

Register your interest HERE, contact the office on (07) 3367 0878 or email