NPAQ’s quarterly magazine, Protected has in-depth articles on national parks and conservation as well as regular features focusing on an individual Queensland parks, a walk within our parks and a particular wildlife species or ecosystem that benefits from the protected area estate. The National Park Experience offers personal reflection on why our parks must be valued and we also turn the spotlight onto a QPWS ranger every issue.

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Previous issues:

Issue 42 – Unveiling the Impact of Parks on Our Lives

Issue 41 – Why and How Would We Place A Dollar Value On Our National Parks?

Issue 40 – Lady Elliot Island: An Example of Effective Habitat Restoration

Issue 39 – Protecting National Parks Protects Your Wellbeing

Issue 38 – Supplementing National Parks

Issue 37 – Indigenous Protected Areas

Issue 36 – NPAQ Cuthbertson Grant; One Year Later

Issue 35 – A Pilot: Conservation & Tourism in the QLD Granite Belt

Issue 34 – Protected Areas in Papua New Guinea

Issue 33 – Cooloola National Park Great Walk Development Proposal

Issue 32 – Ngaliya Maguydan (Our Story) – Naree Budjong Djara (My Mother Earth) National Park 

Issue 31 – QLD Chief Scientist’s Love of National Parks 

Issue 30 – Protected Area Strategy

Issue 29 – Recovery 

Issue 28 – Shutdown: A Break for Nature 

Issue 27 – Legacy: NPAQ turns 90! 

Issue 26 – Let’s Talk Ecotourism

Issue 25 – Back to Basics 

Issue 24 – Feeling the Heat 

Issue 23 – Coming together for national park 

Issue 22 – Kids in national park

Issue 21 – Indigenous heritage

Issue 20 – Our first national park

Issue 19 – New government – same concerns 

Issue 18 – World Heritage, the most highly protected areas

Issue 17 – Commercial developments in national parks 

Issue 16 – Coral Sea Reserve cutbacks

Issue 15 – Cyclone Debbie’s impact on parks

Issue 12 – Management planning

Issue 10 – Habitat fragmentation

Issue 7 – State of the Park 2016 

Issue 6 – Horse riding in national parks

Issue 5 – Bees in national parks

Issue 4 – Reinstating true national parks

Issue 2 – Buffel grass 

Issue 1 – State of the Park