Date: 24 Sep 2017
Capacity: 0 (0 remaining)
Time: 07:30 PM
Type: Birdwatching

Birdwatching – 2017 – at Bullocky Rest 24th September

Bullocky Rest is a popular picnic area beside Lake Samsonvale. Despite a forecast of very high temperature, 12 members ventured forth to a very bright sunny day. This area is well known where many water and bird life can be seen. We took the walking track around the edge of the lake through bushland as far as Forgan Park Picnic Area. There were plenty of waterbirds, such as Coots, Cormorants, Black Duck and Hardheads and great to see the Crested Grebes. A White-breasted Woodswallow had a nest on a dead tree just off the bank of the lake. A pair of Sacred Kingfishers were also to be seen in the dead trees along the bank. After a refreshing morning tea we took a short walk around the picnic area sighting more birds. A count of 37 species were recorded. Lunch followed next and everyone slowly made tracks for home after what was a very relaxing day. Jocelyn Dixon