Date: 31 Jan 2021
Capacity: 20 (19 remaining)
Walk Leader Name: Ian Peacock
Grading: Easy
Phone Number: 0733590318 0416943280
Amount($): $5.00 cash on the day
Time: 07:30 AM


Note! This date is one week later than our normal bird outing day due to suitable tides.

We will meet at the Bird Hide, Buckleys Hole Conservation Park, UBD 63 F4.  This is The Boulevarde (south) adjacent to the intersection of Gregory and Tully Streets. From here we can walk to the nearby Bird Hide. We will then drive further south to Red Beach Rd, UBD 63 G5, to access Red Beach. Following morning tea we will visit Bibimulya Wetlands UBD52 Q10, adjacent to No 45 Bibimulya Street, Bellara. The next stop will be Kakadu Beach, Banksia Beach. This is a restricted water bird area. A bird hide gives good views of the birds on the dunes during the midday high tide. UBD52 J4, opposite No 3 Solander Esp.

Please nominate on the NPAQ Website.

Bring: Hat, sunglasses, sunburn cream, personal first aid kit, enclosed shoes, binoculars, camera, chair, insect repellent, soap, hand sanitizer, face mask, morning tea, lunch, and any other necessary personal items.

This activity will be conducted in keeping with health department Covid-19 guidelines regarding social distancing, good hygiene practices and group size in force for the venue/area at the time of the activity. Be aware that, if you are over 70 (over 50 for people of indigenous background), and/or have co-morbidities, you are at greater risk of Covid-19.

If the number of nominees exceeds current group-size limits as set by the government for the venue of the activity, the leader may, at his/her discretion, split the party into 2 or more groups with each group performing the activity separately under the guidance of a co-leader or only accept nominations in order of receipt to the current group-size limit.

Please do not attend this activity if, in the 14 days prior to this activity,

  • you have been to a declared Covid-19 hotspot,
  • you have had contact with someone with Covid-19,
  • you have had a Covid-19 test and have not yet received your results or have tested positive,
  • you are currently in isolation, or
  • you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or feeling unwell.

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