Date: 29 Aug 2021
Capacity: 19 (2 remaining)
Walk Leader Name: Len & Laurelle Lowry
Grading: Easy
Phone Number: 0733557288 Mob0428335572
Amount($): $15
Time: 12:00 AM
Where: 17 Arthur St , Nanango , Qld , 4615 , Australia
Type: Birdwatching


ACTIVITY REPORT FOR THE BIRDWATCHING CAMP, NANANGO – Monday 30th August – Friday 3th September 2021
Mon 30th August.
• Wooroolin Wetlands (25 species observed), morning tea stop.
• Gordonbrook Dam (30 species observed), lunch stop
• Mt Wooroolin Lookout
• Peanut van, Kingaroy
110 kms travelled
Tues 31st August
• Blackbutt, Roy Emerson statue
• Taromeo Homestead (28 species observed), tour, morning tea stop
• Jesse’s Well (13 species observed)
• Benarkin, lunch stop, (birding)
• Blackbutt (visited flying fox colony)
• Yarraman Weir Park (birding)
101 kms travelled
Wed 1st September
• Bunya Mountains via Kumbia
• Burton’s Well Camping Area, (17 species observed), morning tea stop
• Westcott Campsite (12 species observed)
• Dandabah, lunch stop, (birding)
• Walking group – Mt Kiangarow and Scenic Walk Track, Dandabah
• J S Fisher Lookout
136 km travelled
Thurs 2nd September
• Nanango to Maidenwell, Coomba Falls
• Bishops Road (birding)
• Cooyar Suspension Bridge (26 species observed), morning tea stop
• Palms National Park, walk, lunch stop
• Yarraman – Friends of Yarraman Creek Reveg. Area / Errol Munt Sports Complex(23 species observed)
• Two members cycled Memerambi to Wondai and return
• Dinner at Nanango RSL
100 km travelled
Fri 3rd September
• Calvert Road, East Nanango State Forest (17 species observed)
• Nanango Nature Reserve, morning tea stop (29 species observed)
• Lunch at Homestead Caravan Park
• Free time in Nanango
• Sausage Sizzle dinner at caravan park
22kms travelled
Sat 4th September
• Free time in Nanango
• Pack up and head home

Reviews from members on this camp:-
– It is hard to pick a single highlight of the NPAQ Bird Week – we visited many lovely sites, saw heaps of birds and had plenty of laughs together on our magical mystery tour.
– Unusual to see a monkey hanging from the vine at The Palms National Park. To see the beautiful bushland around Coomba Falls was the highlight for me. And the lovely company and some new birds seen – and of course Laurelle’s Black Kite identification.
– Visiting the Wooroolin Wetland which turned out to be dry but featured interesting landscape with the white trunks of multiple dead trees providing nesting holes for many galahs and other birds. At Wooroolin Wetlands – a pair of red winged parrots showed off their colours to perfection. The generosity of the owners of Taromeo Station providing us with a tour of the refurbishment of the old farm buildings. The 40km return bike ride along the rail trail from Memerambi to Wondai and visiting the South Burnett Timber Industry Museum.
– I loved many places we visited, but the one that stands out and which I would like to return to, is Coomba Waterhole
– The most enjoyable experience was the walk in The Palms National Park. Such a variety of vegetation. The coconuts in the palms (bats) blended in and didn’t display the usual unpleasant smell and noise. I would like to visit again. The whole camp was a happy buzzing place with lots of laughter. Just what we needed during COVID. Really enjoyed the surveillance and communication with Ian and Annette. They were never far away and contributed to much of the laughter.
– My favourite spot was the Coomba Waterhole in Maidenwell, when I walked down to the bottom of the track, I got that tingly feeling through my whole body, a sense of sacred ground in the presence of the ancestors. So very beautiful indeed.
From the leaders: It was great to be with a fun loving group and it was a pleasure to be able to put Ian’s planning and investigation into practice. Thank you all for your wonderful company.


The 2021 extended bird outing is to Nanango. We will be based in the Homestead Caravan Park. Daily we will visit the surrounding districts’ diverse vegetation to view many bird species. If you wish to join this outing, contact the leader, and an information sheet will be emailed to you.


This activity will be conducted in keeping with health department Covid-19 directions regarding social distancing, good hygiene practices, and group size in force for the venue/area at the time of the activity. It may be necessary for the leader to make changes to the activity, the number of participants, or the venue in keeping with these directions.

Please do not attend this activity if you are feeling unwell on the day, or may have had contact with covid-19 in the 14 days before the activity.

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