Date: 11 Sep 2017
Capacity: 0 (0 remaining)
Time: 11:30 PM
Where: Hawkesbury Road , Anstead , Qld , 4070 , Australia
Type: Social


This is the 4th Annual Cliff Bell Memorial Picnic held on Sunday 23rd October at Anstead Bushland Reserve. This park borders onto the Brisbane River, Clif’s workplace for 24 years. Following the forecast of a rainy morning a total of twelve people joined the eighteen bird group members at Anstead Bushland Reserve. This Reserve has one boundary along the Brisbane River. Clif worked for twenty plus years along the river to its headwaters checking water quality and water flows. Following the bird walk we all enjoyed a shared morning tea tucked into the picnic shed with a tarp wall protecting us from a cool breeze. Stories were exchanged with folks who had not seen each other for some time. Travellers’ tales of recent and forthcoming adventures were amongst the lively conversation topics. Lunch was enjoyed and Wendy Bell presented a new smart fur felt hat that belonged to Clif. This hat was sold to the highest bidder and the funds will be donated to NPAQ. Several enthusiasts walked some of the reserve’s tracks sighting more birds. By mid-afternoon everybody had departed after enjoying a lovely lazy friendly day.