Date: 17 Jan 2021
Capacity: 20 (18 remaining)
Walk Leader Name: Mary Anne Ryan
Grading: Intermediate (blue/solid square)
Phone Number: 073277889/0436393999
Amount($): $5 cash -pay on the day
Time: 08:30 AM
Type: Daywalk

Lower Ballanjui Falls Track & Caves Track (descending section)

The Lower Ballanjui Falls track (10.5km return) is varied and interesting and initially follows the edge of a clearing where fire damage, from the 2019 fires, to the trees and surrounding vegetation cannot be missed.  The gentle descent comes out at Koolanbilba Lookout, where views of Egg Rock, Turtle Rock and Ships Stern are pleasing sights.  Then, it is down, down, down past the Koolanbilba Cave, Picnic and King Kong Rocks.  Onwards by  picabeen palms, brush boxes, flooded gums and a large red cedar tree, until finally reaching Nixon Creek and the Lower Ballanjui Falls.  If there has been recent rain, the falls will be spectacular.  If not, the area is cool and pretty.

Upon returning to the entrance of the walk, there will be an opportunity to continue across the road to the trailhead of the Caves Circuit and follow the graded track down the hill.  The track is named for the Talangai (White) and Kweebqni (Cooking) Caves and passes through open eucalyptus forest and rainforest.  It meets the road just below the Information Centre and is 4.7km in length.

Bring:  Hat, personal first aid kit, 2L water, wet weather gear, morning tea & lunch, walking stick.

This activity will be conducted in keeping with current Covid-19 Health Department guidelines regarding social distancing and good hygiene practices.  Be aware that, if you are over 70 (over 50 for people of Indigenous background), and/or have co-morbidities, you are at greater risk of Covid-19.

If you are feeling unwell, please do not attend this activity.

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