Date: 24 May 2023
Capacity: 20 (9 remaining)
Walk Leader Name: Len Lowry
Grading: Easy
Phone Number: 0428 335 572
Amount($): $5.00 (pay the leader on the day)
Time: 09:30 AM
Where: 14 Station Street , Samford Village , Queensland , 4520 , Australia
Type: Social

Samford Village Rail History and Walk

Activity Report

Twelve walkers met at Samford Village on a perfect autumn day before setting off in a car convoy to the Yugar rail tunnel.  The rail line from Ferny Grove to Dayboro was closed in 1955.  We walked down a steep slope to inspect the tunnel which was closed with a metal grill to protect the colony of Bent-wing bats.  The graffiti artwork on the tunnel was a point of discussion. On returning to Samford Village we enjoyed morning tea in the park.  After a short drive to McLean Road South, Camp Mountain, we walked the old rail line towards Lanita Road Ferny Grove.  This 2 kilometre section of the closed rail line was a bitumen pathway and gave the walkers plenty of time for a chat.  On our return to Samford Village we stopped to read the memorial plaque at the site of the 1947 rail disaster that killed 16 people.  We returned to Samford Village for lunch and to round off a very social morning.  Everyone enjoyed a day out and to meet up with old friends.


Activity Details

This is a social activity with some walking as well as delving into our rail history.  Samford Village once had a busy railway station.  The tracks from the Ferny Grove Line continued onto Samford Village and Dayboro, cutting through the Camp Mountain Range.  There is still evidence of this railway history at Samford Village and further north at the Yugar Tunnel.  Just south of Samford Village is the site of the 1947 Camp Mountain Railway Disaster which led to the tragic deaths of 16 people.

We will meet at Samford Village before we drive 3 kilometres north and view the entrance to the Yugar Rail Tunnel which is only a short walk from where we park the cars.  After returning to Samford Village for morning tea in the Village Park, we have a short drive to the start of a 4 kilometre return walk in Samford Regional Park along the old Ferny Grove to Samford Village rail line.  Being a rail line, this is mainly level with easy grades.  After our return to Samford Village for lunch in the Village Park, there is plenty to interest all tastes in Samford Village with a historical walk, bakery, craft shops, coffee and ice cream shops.  You are at liberty to return home anytime during the afternoon after lunch.  Toilet facilities and a water refill station are in the Park at Samford Village.

Directions:-  Meet opposite 14 Station Street, Samford Village (John Scott Park), 4520.  Parking is available along this street but park closer to the Samford District Historical Museum.  UBD map 106 reference M13.  GPS coordinates  –27.36940 152.88630

Nominations:-  via the NPAQ website or directly to the leader.

What to bring:-  Morning tea, 1 litre of water, sunscreen, hat, chair, binoculars and lunch to have after the walk at John Scott Park, Samford Village.

This activity will be conducted in keeping with Queensland Government’s COVID-19 directions at the time of the activity.  Please do not attend this activity if you have been feeling unwell with COVID-19 related symptoms in the 7-day period before this activity.

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