Date: 22 Mar 2017
Capacity: 0 (0 remaining)
Time: 10:30 PM
Where: 2A Main Road , Wellington Point , Qld , 4160 , Australia
Type: Social

Social Walk to King Island

This walk nearly didn’t happen as south-east Queensland was receiving late summer rains. A dedicated group of walkers took the gamble and arrived at the Wellington Point reserve. While we had morning tea, discussion centred on the weather and mobile phones were used to track the impending storm fronts. With umbrellas at the ready the group set off across the sand bar to King Island or as Mathew Flinders called it – Island No. 4. The group walked to the most northern end of the island before turning around to complete a circumnavigation of the island. We studied the informative information boards, pondered the health of the mangroves and speculated on the reason for the thinning of the she-oak trees. We were enlightened by the facts that King Island had been occupied by a family as a health spa for their sick child, been used as target practice by the American Navy in 1943, was developed as a shell-grit mine and had the mangrove trees removed by Council in 1930. After returning to the “mainland”, we had lunch before completing another short walk around Wellington Point. Umbrellas were only used for sun protection. After enjoying a coffee at the local café, the group made its way home. A great day out and all walkers are looking forward to the next social walk.