Date: 18 Mar 2018
Capacity: 0 (0 remaining)
Time: 06:00 PM
Where: 3582 Lamington National Park Road , Canungra , QLD , 4275 , Australia
Type: Daywalk

Toolona Creek Circuit

In great weather conditions (fine, warm), the party of five left O’Reilly’s heading out along the Border Track. Veering left, we descended towards Picnic Rock and Elabana Falls. Good, recent rains ensured a better than normal flow of water here and down Toolona Creek making Elabana, Chalahn and Toolona Falls very photogenic. Crossing Toolona Creek was a challenge in places, the waters from Cyclone Debbie (2017) causing severe erosion and removing most of the smaller stepping stones and the tree-trunks which acted as handrails for walkers. Wet feet were common. The rainforest was lush and green from recent heavy rains making for a picturesque journey. A blue Lamington Cray was spotted scrambling up the bank near Chalahn Falls. Recent high winds had brought down several trees necessitating some ducking and weaving to climb under, through or around the obstacles. A lunch stop at Wanungara Lookout allowed great views of the Gold Coast while resting from our exertions. Then it was back along the Border Track, through the Antarctic beech forest and past the Naturalist’s Cairn to O’Reilly’s for a well-earned cuppa before the long drive home.