Date: 12 Apr 2019
Capacity: 0 (0 remaining)
Walk Leader Name: Tested
Time: 11:00 PM
Type: Daywalk

West Canungra Creek Circuit

The Walk on Saturday 4 February was a very enjoyable walk with the temperature being not to hot and comfortable under the canopy. Early in the week they had 34 mm of rain and a large leech problem, by Saturday the leech’s were gone but the creeks and waterfalls were still flowing. We left the information centre around 8.30am and had morning tea at the blue pool at the main turn on the circuit, before following the creek, crossing it and eventually walking into Box Log Falls were there was a dramatic drop in the temp, as you got closer to the falls. There is now only one crossing that involves getting your feet wet as all the others have flat rocks across the creek. Coffee at the Café was a lovely end to the day before people started heading down the mountain and home.