Protecting our irreplaceable places

National parks protect our natural heritage – a magnificent spectrum of spectacular landscapes and unique wildlife. National parks connect us to our country, our land. They contribute to bridging the gap between the traditional peoples and those who have come after.  They provide a place of refuge from our fast-paced and often stressful lives; and are invaluable in counter-balancing the urban life.

National parks are the last bastion for conservation, and are critical to conserving our unique biodiversity and saving threatened species in decline. They protect the irreplaceable. National parks protect areas that are most critical in preventing extinctions of some the world’s threatened mammals, birds and amphibians.

National parks protect nature’s beauty and diversity. They can be places of pilgrimage, places of resounding silence or indescribable brilliance, places where we can feel an integral part of the natural world. Places where we re-create ourselves.National parks  show us that nature can be valued just for itself, quite separate from any end it serves.