Date: 12 Sep 2020
Capacity: 15 (3 remaining)
Walk Leader Name: Ron OWEN
Grading: Easy to Moderate
Phone Number: 07 3345 3423
Amount($): 5.00
Time: 08:30 AM
Where: Barrs Road , Glass House Mountains , Queensland , 4518 , Australia
Type: Daywalk

Day Walk – Tibrogargan & Trachyte Circuits

Date: Saturday, 12 September, 2020.


A fairly easy to moderate walk in the Glass House Mountains National Park between Beerburrum and Glass House Mountains townships. The 4.1km Tibrogargan circuit provides views of Mt Tibrogargan from many angles during the circumnavigation. Features of the 5.7km Trachyte circuit include open woodlands, heath understorey, and views from Jack Ferris lookout on Trachyte Ridge.

It is planned to walk each circuit anticlockwise starting with Tibrogargan.

These impressive mountains have a volcanic history. Masses of molten rock were forced upwards more than 25 million years ago, cooling and hardening to form bodies of rock beneath the surface.

As time passed, the softer surrounding rock eroded leaving these uniquely shaped, igneous intrusions – the Glass House Mountains.

Lieutenant James Cook, on his voyage along Australia’s east coast, gave these peaks the English name of Glass House Mountains. His journal (his spellings), dated Thursday 17 May 1770,

‘These hills lay but a little way inland and not far from each other, they are very remarkable on account of there singlar form of elevation which very much resemble glass houses which

occasioned my giving them that name …’

After the walk, allow 4 to 5 hours with stops and breaks, it would be possible if interested, to drive to Glass House Mountains to check out the Visitor Information Centre – open 7 days, 9am to 4pm. located in Settler’s Rotary Park at corner of Bruce Parade and Reed Street and maybe coffee.

To enhance your enjoyment of this activity, it could be worth while investigating the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service website to download walk maps and a wealth of other information:-

After opening the web site:- Go to Find a Park – A to Z listing –  G – Glass House Mountains N.P. – Maps and resources –

This activity will be conducted in keeping with current Covid-19 health department guidelines regarding social distancing and good hygiene practices. Be aware that, if you are over 70 (over 50 for people of indigenous background), and/or have co-morbidities, you are at greater risk of Covid-19.


If you are feeling unwell, please do not attend this activity.

Walk Grading: Green (Easy to Moderate) with a total distance of approximately 10km.

Meet: Tibrogargan Trailhead Car Park at bend where Barrs Rd. changes to Marshs Rd. at 8.30am for 8.45am walk start.

What to Bring: Hat, sunscreen, sturdy footwear, light jacket, rain gear (just in case), torch, whistle, min 2 litres of water, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, positive outlook, $5.00 NPAQ Fee (pay on day).

Directions: Travel from home by appropriate major highway to a point between Beerburrum and Glass House Mountains on the Steve Irwin Way. Then carefully cross the railway line to the west of Steve Irwin Way and turn left on to Barrs Road. Follow Barrs Road for about 3.0km to the car park. The rail crossing is 1.5 km south of Glass House Mountains and 5.0km north of Beerburrum.

From central Brisbane allow for an 85km journey taking 80 minutes and adjust depending upon your starting location and route.

Nominations: Direct to leader.

Leader: Ron Owen, Ph 07 3345 3423 or Mobile 0490762414, Email:


Activity: Day Walk Report – Tibrogargan & Trachyte Circuits.

Date: Saturday, 12 September, 2020.


This walk passed through a significant portion of the Glasshouse Mountains National Park including both the Tibrogargan and Trachyte Circuits travelling in an anticlockwise direction.

Contrary to the weather forecasts of some drizzle it turned out to be a pleasant partly cloudy spring

day. However, there were some bursts of strong wind as forecast. Under the tree canopy for much of the day made for a cooler walk of about 10 kilometers. The twelve members in attendance enjoyed the lovely spring flowers and views from the Jack Ferris Lookout. Most of the pretty wildflowers were along the one kilometer common section to both circuits.

Good views of the other mountains, state pine forests, and some farmlands were also seen from the track around the base of Mt Tibrogargan. The columnar rock formation of cliffs on Mt Cooee was also easy pick out. Many other groups were there that day and the new Tibrogargan Trail Head car park spilled out along the access road.

At the end of the walk, we drove up the short 2km of highway to enjoy a well-earned Coffee at the Glasshouse Mountains township followed by a visit to the local Visitor Information Centre which has interesting historical displays of the area and early explorers such as James Cook and Matthew Flinders.

This activity will be conducted in keeping with current Covid-19 health department guidelines regarding social distancing and good hygiene practices. Leader: Ron Owen.


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