Across Australia, the popularity of recreational mountain biking is growing, particularly in protected areas. This is not surprising given the aesthetic quality of protected areas and the health and wellbeing benefits that can be derived from spending time in nature.

Questions arise, however, as to whether there should be any limits on where mountain biking should take place in protected areas generally, and in national parks specifically.

Research to date has shown that there can be a range of environmental and social impacts associated with mountain biking in protected areas, depending on the type of mountain biking, the infrastructure provided and the sensitivity of the local environment.

This interactive seminar will explore the research, the level of demand and the suitability of mountain biking in protected areas, with a particular focus on national parks, to help inform future decision-making.

Featuring speakers:

* Catherine Pickering – Griffith University: Mountain biking: social and environmental perspectives

* Lynn Forrester – Principal Project Officer, Ecotourism, Department of Environment and Science: Management Approach to Mountain Biking

* Lisa Davies Jones – CEO Bicycle Queensland: Profiling the Mountain Biking Industry

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