This event has passed, thank you to our speakers and all who attended.

Please enjoy a recording of the event.

Recreational mountain biking is growing in popularity, particularly in protected areas, which is not surprising given their natural beauty and the known health and wellbeing benefits of spending time in nature. But should there be limits on where mountain biking can occur in protected areas, particularly in national parks?

Research to date has shown that there can be a range of environmental and social impacts associated with mountain biking in protected areas, depending on the type of mountain biking, the infrastructure provided and the sensitivity of the local environment. This NPAQ seminar explored the research, level of demand and suitability of mountain biking in protected areas, in particular national parks, to help inform future decision-making.

Time stamps:

Simone Maynard (0:00:10) NPAQ – Should we be pedalling in national parks? 

Catherine Pickering (0:11:20) @griffithuniversity – Mountain biking: social and environmental perspectives

Lynn Forrester (0:35:40) @QueenslandEnvironment – Management Approach to Mountain Biking

Lisa Davies Jones (0:57:10) @BicycleQueensland – Profiling the Mountain Biking Industry