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A Season Of Giving And Adventure

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The holiday season is upon us, and in the Sunshine State of Queensland, Australia, there’s a special blend of festivities in the air. It’s not just about decking the halls and exchanging gifts; it’s about giving back to the environment, celebrating the beauty of nature, and educating the future stewards of our planet. This year, the National Parks Association of Queensland (NPAQ) is leading the charge in preserving the state’s natural treasures while providing educational experiences for children through its Christmas Appeal and Kids in Parks December School Holiday Program.

The NPAQ, founded in 1930, is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of Queensland’s national parks. With a rich history of advocating for the protection of these natural wonders, we’ve turned the holiday season into a time for giving back to the environment and nurturing a love for nature among children.

The NPAQ Christmas Appeal: A Gift of Conservation 

Queensland is renowned for its extraordinary natural beauty, from the lush rainforests of the Daintree to the stunning coral reefs of the Great Barrier Reef. These treasures, however, face numerous threats, from habitat destruction to climate change.

The NPAQ recognises the importance of not just enjoying these natural wonders but protecting them for future generations.

The NPAQ Christmas Appeal is an initiative that encourages individuals, families, and organisations to give back to Queensland’s national parks. The goal is to raise awareness and much-needed funds for conservation efforts that ensure these national parks remain pristine and bio-diverse.

“Christmas is a time for giving, and what better gift can we give to ourselves and future generations than the gift of nature,” says Susanne Cooper, President of NPAQ.

The Christmas Appeal invites people to contribute to the cause in various ways, from one-time donations to becoming regular supporters. Funds raised through this initiative are channelled into NPAQ conservation projects, educational programs, and advocacy efforts that ensure Queensland’s national parks remain the natural treasures they are. Your contribution can go a long way in safeguarding the breath-taking landscapes and unique biodiversity found in these parks.

The NPAQ believes that everyone can be a part of this conservation effort, from the youngest to the oldest. It’s an opportunity to come together, not just as individuals but as a community, to ensure that Queensland’s national parks are preserved for generations to come.


The Kids in Parks Summer School Holiday Program: Where Adventure Meets Education 

Queensland is not just about serene beaches and bustling cities; it’s also home to some of the world’s most diverse and breath-taking ecosystems. However, for future generations to truly appreciate and protect these environments, they need to connect with and understand their importance.

Enter the Kids in Parks December School Holiday Program.

Launched by the NPAQ, this program combines adventure and education to ignite a lifelong love for nature in children. While it operates throughout the year, the Summer school holiday program is when it truly shines.

Throughout the December /January school holidays, this program promises children unforgettable adventures in the heart of Queensland’s national parks. Through a range of carefully crafted activities, children not only get to explore the natural world but also gain a deeper understanding of it.

The program includes nature walks, wildlife encounters, and hands-on conservation efforts. Children learn about the various ecosystems, the importance of protecting them, and the role they can play in conservation.

It’s a unique blend of adventure and education that makes learning about the environment fun and memorable.

How the Christmas Appeal Supports Kids in Parks 

The synergy between the NPAQ Christmas Appeal and the Kids in Parks program is evident. Funds raised during the Christmas Appeal contribute directly to the program and other NPAQ projects to connect the community with nature. This financial support allows the Kids in Parks program to expand, reach more areas, and provide additional resources for outdoor education.

The Kids in Parks program represents a beautiful fusion of adventure and learning. It’s not just a chance for children to have fun during the school holidays; it’s a journey into the heart of nature, where they discover the magic of our national parks and protected areas. They’ll also learn about the vital role of conservation, instilling a lifelong love for the environment.

A Vision for the Future 

Both the Christmas Appeal and Kids in Parks program have a common goal: nurturing a deep appreciation for nature and ensuring that Queensland’s natural treasures are preserved.

The NPAQ understands that the future of these national parks lies in the hands of the younger generation. By educating and inspiring them today, we pave the way for responsible environmental stewardship tomorrow.

The Kids in Parks program provides children with a profound connection to nature, teaching them to respect, connect and protect the natural world.

This connection is a valuable gift that will continue to give, as these young individuals grow up to be conscious and caring citizens who prioritize conservation.

Getting Involved 

If you’re inspired by the NPAQ’s mission and would like to get involved, there are several ways to make a difference:

Donate to the Christmas Appeal: Visit the NPAQ website and contribute to the Christmas Appeal to support the conservation of Queensland’s national parks. https://npaq.org.au/donate/ 

Participate in Kids in Parks: If you have children/grandchildren sign them up for the Kids in Parks Summer School Holiday Program to give them the gift of adventure and education.

Spread the Word: Share information about the NPAQ’s Christmas Appeal and Kids in Parks program with your friends, family, and colleagues to inspire others to join this heart-warming cause.

This holiday season, you have the opportunity to make a significant impact. By participating in the NPAQ Christmas Appeal and enrolling your children/grandchildren in the Kids in Parks Summer School Holiday Program, you’re not just celebrating the spirit of giving; you’re contributing to the conservation of our precious national parks and nurturing a new generation of nature enthusiasts and advocates. Let’s make this Christmas season one to remember, as we unite for the love of our environment.


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