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Kids in National Parks

Author: Samantha Smith

In today’s digital age, it’s become increasingly important to reconnect children with the wonders of the natural world. The National Parks Association of Queensland (NPAQ)  understands this need and has taken a proactive step with our Kids in National Parks program.

This remarkable initiative aims to inspire children to explore, appreciate, and protect the diverse natural landscapes of Queensland’s national parks. Let’s delve into the transformative effects of this program and how it’s shaping the future stewards of our environment.

Igniting curiosity and adventure, the Kids in National Parks program serves as a gateway to ignite curiosity and adventure in the hearts and minds of young nature enthusiasts. By organising a series of engaging activities and educational workshops, the program captures the attention of children and instils in them a sense of wonder for the environment. From wildlife encounters to bushwalking and rock pool explorations, these experiences help children develop a deep connection with the natural world and foster a lifelong love for the

Kids in NP Coastal Exploration

Environmental Education and Conservation
At the core of the Kids in National Parks program lies a strong emphasis on environmental education and conservation. Through hands-on activities and interactive learning sessions, children gain an understanding of the intricate ecosystems that exist within the national parks of Queensland. The program aims to teach children about topics such as native flora and fauna, sustainable practices, and the importance of preserving biodiversity through different themed activity days.

Children learn about the threats facing our environment and are encouraged to take action in their daily lives to protect and preserve it. These lessons go beyond the boundaries of the national parks and instil in children a sense of responsibility towards the planet they call home.

We have activity days structured around different focal themes including bush tucker, animal identification and bird watching. We also have urban bridging programs, for those who are more reserved about going out into national parks.

Kids in NP Birdwatching

Connecting Children with Nature The Kids in National Parks program recognises the vital role that direct contact with nature plays in children’s overall well-being. With the rise of screen time and urbanisation, it has become increasingly crucial to provide opportunities for young minds to disconnect from technology and reconnect with the natural world. The program achieves this by offering a wide range of nature-based activities that allow children to immerse themselves in the beauty of Queensland’s natural areas.

By engaging with their surroundings, children develop a sense of belonging and appreciation for the natural environment. They learn about the delicate balance between humans and nature and gain a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all living things. The program is not just about exploring nature; it’s about forging a lifelong connection that fosters a sense of stewardship.

Inspiring the Next Generation
By encouraging children to explore and discover the wonders of nature, the program is sowing the seeds of passion and responsibility that will shape their future actions and inspire the next generation of environmental leaders.

By nurturing a generation of environmentally conscious individuals, the program plays a vital role in creating a sustainable future for Queensland’s national parks and the planet as a whole.

The National Parks Association of Queensland Kids in National Parks program is a remarkable endeavour that has the power to transform the lives of children and the future of our environment. As we support and encourage initiatives like these, we pave the way for a brighter and more sustainable future, ensuring the protection of Queensland’s national parks for generations to come.

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