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From the President – Autumn 2024

A warm, wet (again!) Autumn welcomes us. A very important and strategic opportunity is on our agenda for this year, which is the cessation of logging in SEQ’s native State Forests, and their transition into Protected Areas (PAs) including National Parks. Terminating logging in such areas is starting to occur nationally – it has already […]

Drop Bears – A Look At Koalas

In the eucalypt forests of Queensland, Australia, a quintessential symbol of the country’s unique wildlife clings to life – the koala. These charismatic marsupials, with their fuzzy ears and spoon-shaped noses, have long captured hearts worldwide. However, Queensland’s koala populations are facing an uphill battle for survival, making their conservation a matter of urgent concern. […]

Park in Focus – Bladensburg National Park

Nestled in the heart of Central West Queensland, Bladensburg National Park stands as a testament to the region’s rich biodiversity and cultural heritage. Celebrating its 40th birthday after being declared in 1984 and stretching across 84,900 hectares of Mitchell Grass Downs and Channel Country, this vast expanse of natural beauty is a haven for unique […]

Future Land Use For Conservation

In the heart of our planet’s green treasures lies a complex challenge: how to balance the preservation of biodiversity with the needs of local communities. This intricate dance defines the struggle faced by protected areas (PAs) worldwide. However, a beacon of hope emerges from Satchari National Park (SNP) in Bangladesh, where a ground-breaking study explores […]

Kroombit Threatened Frogs

Summary of Queensland Frog Society’s Kroombit Threatened Frogs Community Sustainability Action Grant Project Situated 70 km southwest of Gladstone, Kroombit Tops National Park is home to the critically endangered Kroombit tinkerfrog and Kroombit treefrog, both of which are known only from areas of wet forest habitat at Kroombit Tops. Over the past four years – […]

Protected Areas In Indonesia

About the author: NPAQ member and former Councillor and Vice President, Steve Noakes, has a long association with protected areas and wildlife tourism in Indonesia. He is Chair of the Advisory Board of the Ecolodges Indonesia Group of Companies which owns and operates lodges adjacent to Way Kambas National Park (Sumatra), Rimba Orangutan Ecolodge (Tunjung […]

Unveiling The Impacts Of Parks On Our Lives

The following was summarised from a paper by the University of Adelaide published in 2023:  Imagine stepping into a world where nature’s embrace boosts not just your mood but also the economy and community health. This isn’t a fantasy – it’s the reality of our parks and reserves. From local picnics to international tourism, […]

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